Here’s a little of what is said about Coach Juan and his ASF Strong Method:

“The classes are a blast! Coach Juan is a great instructor, and is extremely motivating. The workouts are great you get a good combo of conditioning and technique. Highly recommended!” – Evan S.


“Best boxing, kick boxing training gym ive ever trained! Everyone in there welcomes you as the new member of the family! Makes  you feel comfortable and makes you keep on going back! As training the coach its very supportive and takes his time on every trainer! Makes sure you get every little detail correct ! I love it.” -Cesar G.


“I’ve been with the gym for about 4 months now, and every training session I’ve gotten something different out of it. I think that’s why I love it, because I never find myself bored like I got with other gyms. The environment is so welcoming and Juan is incredibly encouraging and inspirational! I’ve introduced a few friends to ASF and they have all fell in love with the atmosphere also.
I enjoy the diversity that everyone brings to the table at ASF, and no matter your skill level, you’ll get a work out in and learn something new every time! Juan mixes things up and to this day I still get excited for what the next training session is going to be about. I recommend Azteca Striking and Fitness to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fun workout with some awesome people!”-Sinoeun S.


“Super awesome workouts, great coaching, fun community. Coach Juan is an animal, but he is the most encouraging trainer ever! Great team atmosphere!” – Aubrey S.


“Off tops, since iv been at Azteca my overall athletic abilty and much more has increased drastically. All sorts of different people here and everybody is chill. The instructor is legit, definitely knows what he is talking about. He keeps in mind your skill level and works with you. I love this place and what it stands for. I feel as if my confidence level outside of training has sky rocketed because of it ! #Zero to a hundred real quick yeeeeeee!” – Julien M.


“Juan does a great job at creating a great atmosphere for all types of individuals.
The instruction is equally as good as the workout itself, Juan does a great job at making sure everyone is getting a great workout with correct form/technique.  From beginners to people training for actual matches, the workout is great for all!” -Anna K.

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