ASF Striking

Boxing, kickboxing, ground ‘n pound; drilling combinations on focus mitts, partner drills. Prepare to learn and practice new techniques while getting a killer workout.

Strength & Striking Mix

This class uses techniques from a variety of different disciplines: kickboxing and boxing for cardiovascular conditioning, strength training from body movements and weights, all combined in circuits.

Body Strength & Sculpting

All facets of strength training from calisthenics to plyometrics and traditional strength movements.

Personal Training

Do you need one-on-one customized time with a trainer? Are you just getting into fitness ever, or after a long-hiatus? Personal training might be the way to go to get you to meet your personal fitness goals.

We have packages where you can even have Coach Juan train you at the location of your choice! Contact Coach Juan to schedule your preliminary consultation, create a fitness plan, and schedule your sessions!